Would you skip your starBucks today and use that money to provide at least 16 meals for the victims of hurricane Matthew?

Food for orphans is able to provide aid to areas where the larger aid organizations are unable to reach and often overlook. You can help provide 350,000+ meals right away.

We are working 24/7 with our friends and partners in Haiti to execute relief plans to help thousands of victims from Hurricane Matthew. This massive category 4 hurricane has made land fall in Haiti. The destruction is widespread and catastrophic. This is a farther reaching disaster than the earthquake of 2010. 

Sadly, few Haitians in the more remote and mountainous areas in the west of Haiti had little or no warning of the impending storm. Those areas are ravaged already by deforestation and erosion. The results of the massive rainfall and wind are beyond imagination. As of 10pm the night before the storm made official landfall, our partners were already reporting that some villages and towns near Les Cayes and Jeremie were already washed out and some are completely gone. 

Les Cayes, Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

No doubt there will be passive casualties and destructions. And, there will be a great need for food. We are coordinating with our local partners such as Mission Aviation Fellowship, Kenbe Fem, Chadasha and many more to help get our meals from Food For Orphans delivered and distributed to the hardest hit areas of Haiti. 

Because of our size and nimble character we are able to execute aid faster and more efficiently than many of the larger organizations. And, we also have relationships with groups of people in areas where the larger aid groups will never venture to reach. Please help us provide for the families in need right now. 

very dollar you give will make a HUGE impact in the future of the people of Haiti. For every dollar you give, we will provide 4 meals for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Thanks for you generosity and care.