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We’ve all seen the videos on the news about students walking out of schools across the USA in protest over the senseless shootings of students and teachers while they are in school.  Some of the students carried signs, one of which read, “There's No Reason Kids Should Be Dying”. Students are tired of seeing children suffer and die and they want something done about it.

We all agree, but what can really be done to save children’s lives? How about saving the life of an orphan who might otherwise die of starvation?

The Magnanimous Club engages Generation Z for meaningful change in the world by providing the funds to buy food and saving orphans’ lives. The Magnanimous Club is a way to engage others in saving lives, resulting in world-changing real-life positive results. Joining the Magnanimous Club and working with Food for Orphans to save children’s lives benefits you, other donors, and thousands of orphans. It’s your Club. Engage your community to join you in providing food for orphans.

The Magnanimous Club gives students a cause they can believe in, a platform to save children’s lives, a way to engage others in their cause, and real-life positive results. They experience the results of being Magnanimous and enjoy the awesome rewards and benefits of membership … like the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the White House and the President of the United States. Food for Orphans is an Official Certifying Organization for the award.

  • An Orphan Dies From Starvation Every 90 Seconds.

  • Every 2 seconds another child becomes an orphan

  • 60 Million orphans will go to bed hungry tonight … maybe every night

  • 37¢ will provide a meal to an orphan

  • $11 a month will provide an orphan with a meal every day

Each of Us Can Rescue at Least One Orphan.

Members of the Magnanimous Club sign up to give a donation every month to feed orphans. Then they seek out and encourage others to join them in providing food for orphans. It’s that simple. Just  ask people, “Would you be willing to donate your change to feed a hungry orphan?”

“Just register the credit or debit cards you use and the bank automatically rounds up your credit card purchases to the next dollar and donates that change to feed orphans through the 501c3 nonprofit Food for Orphans. A $19.88 purchase results in a 12¢ donation to Food for Orphans. All donations are eligible for tax deduction. You control the minimum and the maximum amount. Pause it, change it, or stop it at any time. “

Sign up at www.FoodforOrphans.DonateYourChange.com

Magnanimous Club Benefits

⦁ Free Food for Orphans T-Shirt (while supplies last)

⦁ Community Service fulfillment

⦁ Improves professional resume & college applications

Qualifies for President’s Volunteer Service Award

⦁ Official President’s Volunteer Service Award medallion 

⦁ Personalized Certificate of Achievement

⦁ Letter signed by President Donald J. Trump

⦁ More orphans are fed … fewer orphans die

How to join the magnanimous club and Become a “Magnanimal”

  1. Sign up for an automatic donation of any amount or sign up at www.FoodforOrphans.DonateYourChange.com

  2. Get one or more other people to join the Magnanimous Club


Monthly Recurring Donation

  • $11 provides food to 1 orphan every day

  • $22 provides food to 2 orphans every day

  • $33 provides food to 3 orphans every day

  • $44 provides food to 4 orphans every day

  • $55 provides food to 5 orphans every day

  • $66 provides food to 6 orphans every day

  • $77 provides food to 7 orphans every day

  • $88 provides food to 8 orphans every day

  • $99 provides food to 9 orphans every day

Feed Orphans Every Day with a Monthly Recurring Gift

Every Time You Eat ... Orphans Eat.

With an Automatic Monthly gift, you can rescue hungry orphans. $11 a month will provide food for one orphan every day. $22 will feed two, $33 will feed three, etc.

Just click below to make your selection and set up an automatic monthly donation to feed orphans.

Feed 1 for $130

For 1 Year

You can provide one year of well-rounded and healthy meals to an orphan for a one-time gift of only $130. You can make a positive impact in one child's life for an entire year for a very small amount.

One Time Donation

Make your One-Time Donation here. Every $11 you donate will provide 31 healthy meals to orphans! Consider making an generous gift that will change the lives of orphans.

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