A Million Meals by Christmas

This year let's give hope that lasts

As we wrap up an amazing year of making an impact, changing lives and meeting needs we want to go above and beyond. This year we want to be able to help provide a total of 1 MILLION MEALS to our partners and the children in need. 

For every $1 you give, we are able to provide 4 meals for orphans around the world.

In 2016 we have selected 3 primary projects to impact as we make sure Christmas is a time that these children and their care givers never forget. 

The average American will spend roughly $95 this year on Christmas Foods and Candy alone, $26 on gifts for co-workers and $41 on a Christmas Tree.... and that doesn't begin to touch the amount of money that Americans spend on themselves, family and travel. (Source Forbes)

This Christmas why not give to something that saves lives, shapes the future and truly makes an impact few will ever forget! 

This year we want to be able to provide thousands of meals to our Partners in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Pakistan to ensure that kids aren't just getting gifts, but they are receiving life. 

Would you consider providing 40 meals ($10), 400 meals ($100) or even 4,000 meals ($1000) for children in these countries? Those meals will ensure they remain healthy, have a bright future and are given hope. After your generosity and support of providing more than 500,000 meals to Haiti following Hurricane Matthew we know that you can expand and increase that impact around the world. Our goal for Christmas is $125,000 in total generosity to make this possible, and we believe that you can be part of making this happen. 

We believe that HOPE is the catalyst for change. HOPE is the breeding ground for miracles. HOPE is the one element that changes lives forever. 

This year GIVE HOPE and help us impact the world!