Our Mission

Our mission is to supply at least one nutritious meal per day to as many orphans as possible.

Our Cause

Nearly 400,000 orphans starve to death every year and Food for Orphans refuses to turn a blind eye to their pain and suffering. With only 25¢, we can save an orphan’s life. But we need your help. When you donate, thousands of innocent lives will be changed!

Here are a few statistics about orphans:

  • There are 147 million orphans worldwide.
  • Approximately 44,000 children become orphans everyday.
  • Every 90 seconds, another orphan starves to death.
  • Sixty million orphans go to bed hungry every night.
  • Every 2 seconds, another child becomes an orphan.
  • It only costs 25¢ per meal to feed an orphan.

Our Commitment

  • To find and feed orphans who truly need our help
  • To make sure all donations are wisely and properly used
  • To carefully distribute every gift in accordance to the greatest need
  • To ensure each orphan is cared for and loved